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How to take course notes

Saving notes as you go along is a great way to remember important points of your course.

To take and access your notes, follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on the “TAKE NOTES” red button at the bottom of any module.


Step 2

Enter a title for the notes and any comments you wish to make in the boxes highlighted below.


Step 3

Press the save button.

notes 3

How to view your saved notes

You can view your saved notes by clicking on the “View all notes” option located under the note taking area.Notes 4

Alternatively, you can visit your profile page and select “My Course Notes” tab. This will show you all of your saved notes.
Notes 5

Printing your notes

Click on the print icon (highlighted below). This will open up the print dialogue tab on your device.
Notes 6

Deleting notes

To delete a note click on the bin icon (highlighted below).
Notes 8

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