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New Skills Academy Hits Prestigious Milestone

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100k Students

ew Skills Academy is proud to announce that we have recently achieved a huge milestone: 100,000 students enrolled on our courses. We have been helping individuals across the UK and the rest of the globe learn new skills, train for new careers and find out how to make money from their hobbies since 2013.

We offer a variety of courses for those entering the workforce for the first time, seeking new career challenges or hoping to advance in their existing position. Our courses are designed by experts with detailed lesson plans, worksheets and quizzes all geared toward helping our students make the most of your chosen profession.

Succeeding in the workplace is not always easy, especially in today’s competitive job market. Furthering your skills and acquiring new ones relevant to your selected field is a great way to ensure you stand out from the crowd. New Skills Academy has over 200 courses spanning more than 20 categories designed to help each one of our 100,000 students do just that.

Our students can learn everything from early years teaching skills to web development. We focus on providing high-quality courses, containing practical skills and knowledge. While offering a vast array of courses is one of our main priorities, we also pride ourselves in offering students the chance to study in their own time, from anywhere in the world. In addition, our courses are easily accessible from any device that can connect to the internet, giving students the chance to take their lessons with them anywhere they go.

We understand that many people want to upgrade their skills, but do not always have the time to return to college full-time, or even part-time. This is why we offer online courses and access to friendly tutors who can provide guidance and additional instruction whenever required. Past students have found that our courses give them an advantage when applying for jobs or when seeking advancement in current positions. We are proud of the success our current and former students achieve.

Over the past four years, our students have studied 2,367,192 lessons and watched 345,351 video tutorials on a broad range of subjects. We have helped 72,006 customers with their queries, giving them the confidence to go on to excel in their careers. To offer each one of our students peace of mind, all of our courses have been reviewed and certified by qualified industry experts and approved by CPD. As an added benefit to our students, we offer lifetime up-to-date information on the courses they’ve taken.

While we have reached an impressive milestone, we do not plan on changing anything about our approach to continuous education. We still value each and every one of our students and are proud to continue offering comprehensive, practical and useful courses to individuals and companies across the UK and the rest of the globe.


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