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Why Creating a Blog Could Boost Your Employability

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ven if writing and maintaining a website is not part of your day job, setting up a blog and publishing content on a regular basis can widen your skill set and improve your employability. In this article, we will look at the ways in which blogging can equip you with transferable skills and knowledge that may prove useful in many careers. From basic digital literacy to social intelligence, running a high-quality blog shows employers that you can bring a range of skills to their organisation.

Setting up a blog

First, setting up a blog requires a basic degree of computer literacy. Even though it is now easy to launch a website with no specialised training and little technical knowledge, you still need to be confident in using the internet and be willing to try new technology. This will stand you in good stead if you wish to apply for jobs that require you to use programs or software that are new to you. A willingness to move beyond your comfort zone will make you more attractive as a potential employee.

Blogging requires you to use your creativity and initiative, two traits which appeal to many employers. In deciding to set up a blog, you will have had to choose from several ideas and planned in advance what kind of content you intend to publish. Assuming you took the time to select a topic of interest to you and other people with the intention of growing an audience, you will also have thought about how you could find people who share your interest and ways of connecting with them. Being able to demonstrate that you have grown a successful blog is valuable evidence not only of digital literacy, but the ability to provide a target audience with useful content. This is particularly useful if you are hoping to work in consumer-targeted sectors such as marketing and PR.

Built around a community

Successful bloggers often build a community based around their website content. If you manage to do this, employers will perceive you as someone who understands how to engage with other people and respond to feedback in a constructive manner. This will benefit you if you are looking to work in roles that require extensive social interaction or even management skills. If you blog on a divisive topic and are forced to deal with disputes between members of an online community, this will have given you a great opportunity to hone your mediation skills. If you use social media to network with others working in your niche and become known for your expertise in a particular area, you are demonstrating your ability to drive innovation in your field and use your social intelligence to influence other people.

If blogging becomes a passion and you decide to learn related skills such as photo editing and coding as a result of your growing interest, you could add these to your CV. Employers are often impressed by degrees in digital marketing, digital media and other subjects but many also respect self-taught individuals who have chosen to dedicate their free time to learning a new skill. There have never been so many options for those looking to develop a new creative skill, so take advantage of the many online courses and tutorials if you feel that blogging has triggered a new interest. Doing so will also give you an appreciation of online education and experience with some of the most popular online platforms, which will strengthen your application if you are looking to work in this sector.

Learning new skills

Finally, you can acquire many useful skills by turning your blog into a business. For example, if you begin by writing an article-based blog and later install an online shop on your website this will afford you the chance to gain experience in many aspects of management and how a business is run day-to-day. You will be responsible for devising content strategies, marketing strategies, new products, outsourcing various tasks as required, networking with individuals and businesses, and project management. If you can do this over a period of months or years and produce a profit, your initiative and experience will make you stand out from almost every other job candidate.

In conclusion, blogging is not simply an enjoyable hobby or a way of passing on knowledge to others – it can positively impact upon other areas of your life. If you are willing to put in the effort on a regular basis, it can also pay dividends in terms of furthering your existing career or facilitating a complete change in direction. You will learn many new skills which will make you a more attractive prospect in multiple sectors. From this perspective, a blog can be a wise investment of your time and energy.

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